Service Management System (IT Solutions) Business Edition

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We have developed IT Business software exclusively for IT Service providers in a reasonable price. This is complete helpful package for IT Service Providers which will maintain your whole IT business work-flow and follow-ups of respective work which will help you to grow your business.

Service Management System (IT Solutions) Comprises - Daily Incident Details, Business Work Flow, Material Inward & Outward, Antivirus Reminder, Leads Management, Billing & Bill reminder, Purchase, Marketing, Quotation & Quotation Reminder, User Management & Customizable Module Permissions and many other features as per Business Demands.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):- IT Industries daily records get increase day by day. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get to the information when you need it.

Now we have solution for this with single click. You can generate Annual Maintenance Agreement and can send to user through email from software itself. We have added automation features in AMC to generate reminders for Preventive maintenance, AMC Expiration, Billing reminder. Software will send notification to the clients to renew AMC when your AMC is getting expired and the same way it will remind you to contact them.

There is option to create comprehensive & Non- comprehensive agreement. You can mention Number of Preventive Maintenance (PM) in agreement and you will get notification. There is option in daily calls details to manage AMC calls. You can set agreement billing cycle before agreement or after agreement. There is option to mention billing cycle like (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and annually.)

You can set preventive maintenance cycle before agreement or after agreement. You can send AMC Report to customer by email from software itself. There is option in daily call details to manage AMC calls.

Daily Call details:- This Module takes complete take care of Daily Incident Details and daily business information where you can generate Incident reports, Employee wise work reports, client wise Incident reports and many more. With this you can avoid daily unnecessary visits. Option to categorize AMC calls, Warranty calls, Chargeable calls and free calls. Email and SMS notification to client to acknowledge them. If any call is pending more than 24 Hours, Application will remind you through reminder and email notification. You can generate engineer’s productivity. There is option to store critical issues and resolution in Knowledge Base article for future reference. Book a call in seconds with predefined data.

Material Inward & Outward:- You can manage your material inward and outward. We can track material which are coming in office for repairing, Warranty, Damaged and Replacement. Customer gets notification when you make entry of inward material to build trust relation between Customer and you. Add Call ID to track material with Call ID. Unique Material ID to track all material and there location. We have given option to outward customer material. When you make entry of material outward, customer gets email notification.

Mail & SMS Configuration:- There is option for Mail Configuration to send mail to customer for every transaction, Like; Call Entry, Call Resolved, Material Inward and outward, Quotations, Marketing entry, AMC Calls Reports, AMC Entry and expiration.

Quotation:- You can generate quotation and send to customer from software itself. GST features and Auto calculation. Options to add multiple Terms & conditions. You can send notification to the customer through email and SMS to let them know about quotation.